Chronicles of Becoming a Notion Certified Consultant

This page is, by far, my biggest public Notion page to date, it’s massive!

It’s also the only one that I created & display in full width. I can’t imagine what it would look like in slimline mode!

Hideous probably!

This page was created when I started my journey to move from being a Notion Consultant to a Notion Certified Consultant, and it’s a hell of a leap!

This page was also created in reaction to a course that I purchased, and attended, which (trying not to rant or be libellous here)…wasn’t great.

Explanatory Video Incoming - image placeholder

I will say that the course I mentioned above, is NOT Jonathan Stewart’s upcoming (or should that be impending?!) Notion Consultant Mastermind – which I’m super proud to be in the founding cohort of (and, if I’m honest, the inspiration behind its inception!).

The course that I’m talking about started in March 2021 and (again, trying not to be myself  writing this, because I’ll just go off on one and get sued!), while I got virtually nothing from the course itself, it did teach me valuable lessons, one of the biggest being; how NOT to run a course!

The other thing that I realised was, there’s something that I can do about it. I can share my journey & story with anyone who wants to read it, as it’s happening, in the moment. Everything, all the purchases, the mistakes, the clients (keeping anonymity obviously), the wins, the fails, everything.

I wanted to be as transparent as possible with the information that I provided. Basically, to stop people thinking that a great sales pitch (like the one this creator had – which, I have to admit, was pretty eye-catching), actually means value, because in this case, it didn’t.

But I can share my story for free. All the products, all the setting up, all the breakdowns (there have been a few), all the technical hitches, all the great and awesome things, all the moving the house around, everything that I’m doing to move from Notion Consultant to Notion Certified Consultant, write everything down.

Maybe people will find it and giggle at my misfortune, that’s cool, I do that when I re-read things that I’ve logged too. But just maybe, someone will read it and realise that what they’re doing is just fine and they don’t need to pay for a course that makes them feel all grubby after attending the first hour. 

How I made this Page

Ok, grab a drink, because this page is going to take some explaining!! Settle in and enjoy the incoming ranting and generally taking 3-years to get to the point!

Unlike my other #buildinpublic pages, this one is going to take a teeny bit more explaining!

Page Header

Starting as I do with all my public pages, I have a super cute icon from Flaticon (because why wouldn’t you?!). This is a screenshot of the whole of the top section, including a brand coloured slim-line that I created with Google Drawings (for free).

Because this page is so long and has a lot of moving parts, I added a table of contents (created by typing /toc), to enable quick movement through the page for anyone visiting it.

I then have a disclaimer (callout block) – letting people know that this is a living page and will be updated whenever I can. 

Then I have another callout block where I’ve added the time that the page was last updated. This takes manual work, you have to go into the callout block each time you change something on the page and @now and that will enter the date & time right now. I’ll admit, I don’t do this when I change the page, and I should.

Both of these callout blocks have cute icons to draw attention to them. 

Left Hand Column

I thought it was important to put my mission on this page. It’s a simple statement that just lets people know why I started this page and what the end ‘goal’ is. Of course, the end goal is to become a Notion Certified Consultant; to go through all the exams and builds necessary to be Certified by Notion as a Consultant. 

I’ve also added another @now to the ‘Mission’ heading. This was when I started the page, which gives context to the page so that people know how long I’ve been working on becoming a Notion Certified Consultant and in turn, this page. 

Then I have a disclaimer regarding affiliate links. This is super important because you can get into a lot of trouble if you use affiliate links and don’t declare them. And, lets be honest about this, if you’re getting paid for promoting someone else’s product, people need to know that before they click on the link. It’s completely dishonest to ignore this fact and promote someone else’s product without disclosing it. 

I’ve also listed all my affiliate links further down in the Useful Resources database.

Again, I’ve used Google Draw to create smaller lines in my brand colour as it’s not currently possible to change the weight or colour of dividers inside Notion (created by typing – – – on a clear line), so we have to get creative with the design!

Right Hand Column

Currently, there are a lot of people and companies claiming that they can give you the inside track to becoming a Notion Certified Consultant, or how you can earn ridiculous amounts of money if you take their course (again, being careful to not say anything libellous!), which invariably don’t do what they claim. 

Don’t get me wrong, some of it has amazing value (like the course by Jonathan Stewart on how to run an ethical Notion Consultancy Business), but a lot is snake oil. 

I wanted to create something for the community, that anyone can access. A way for me to be able to log everything that I was attempting & creating & changing & repositioning to get me the ‘Certified’ status.

Then I have a section for what this page isn’t about! Because that’s just as important as what I’m using it for! I have been super clear that this page will not tell you how to pass the test, or give any special insight into the process.

This is my journey and my ramblings!

Nothing in this page should be taken as ‘something you need to do in order to get Certified,’ it’s just a list of the things that I’m doing and I couldn’t say one way or the other what it was in this page (that I’ve written down) that got me Certified (what single thing or combination of things).

So it’s not that kind of page. It’s not a how-to page, it’s an ‘Esme’s rambling about what she’s doing’ page!

Journey Journal

I love that phrase! So, as the name suggests, this is a bit of a running commentary on everything that I’m doing and have done, to get myself on track to apply for Certification.

There was a bit of a gap while I was doing the rebrand, because that takes serious time & effort. There are a million things that you completely forget about when you decide to rebrand that suddenly stick their heads up and shout at you because you forgot them, normally, all at the same time!

Thankfully the rebrand is almost done and I should be able to get back to posting on this journal soon!

Everything in this calendar view is colour coded for the type of entry that it is. I’ve also made sure to post a note at the top because calendar view on mobile within Notion isn’t the best. So if someone is viewing this on mobile, it’s best to look at it in list view!

This gives me the space to write timed (or at least dated) content to discuss exactly what I’m up to and the things that I’m doing to move towards Certification.

Again, this isn’t a ‘roadmap to success’ it’s not even close. it’s just somewhere to be able to record what I’m doing and all the wins and fails that happen along the way!

Who are my influencers?

I thought it was super important to catalogue the important people in my journey. Those people who have really helped me to be able to realise my vision, pointed me in the right direction, or thrown me massive curveballs, through my journey!

I’ve attempted to record all their contact details as well, so that if anyone else is looking for ‘outside help’ these are great places to start. 

This list isn’t exhaustive, nor is it finished! I’ll continue to add people along the way (looking at the picture, there are at least 2 or 3 people missing!).

It’s important to credit people who have been influential to you and that you’ve gained value from, and to promote them whenever you can!

Resources I actually use!

When starting as a consultant of any kind, even if you’ve done something similar before, it’s really hard to know what you need and what you don’t!

There are things on here the a dearly wish would work for me, that just don’t, as well as products that I swear by and honestly couldn’t run my business without.

I’ve also added a relation within the database to itself, so that I can show which products work well with others, and this is super helpful! There’s no point investing time, money & energy in a product that doesn’t integrate with others that you use (and have no wish to change) or that doesn’t do what you want it to!

I feel a bit bad that 95% of the products & services in this list are all 5 stars. But then again, if they weren’t, I wouldn’t use them!

I have a few more to add and some extra information to put in there as I go along, but it’s pretty accurate for the most part.

The whole point of this website is to be able to show people what I’m doing to get to be Certified by Notion as a Consultant. 

Yes, there are going to be things in there that not everyone would even think about doing. That’s ok, this isn’t a magical route that will guarantee your success. 

It’s a collection of ramblings and services!

If someone gets value from it, or learns about a new product that they didn’t know about before, awesome. If someone reads my Journal and laughs, that’s fab! It’s not meant to be taken as a ‘this is how you must do things’ for people reading it.

It’s a journey that I’ve decided to chronicle in public.

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