Content Calendars Hate Me

This video was requested by one of my YouTube subscribers & followers on Twitter. Therefore, this video doesn't fit into the Content Theme for July 2021, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from going live to address it!

In June 2021, I decided to commit to writing daily micro-essays. These turned into ‘Esme’s Essays’ and you can find June’s here and July’s here.

Towards the end of June, I wrote this essay about why Content Calendars Hate Me.

More specifically, why Content Calendars in Notion don’t work for me because I have more than 1 Master Date.

I’m planning on starting a Podcast soon (launching August 2021), and for that I need to have 2 dates, one for the Vlog-style YouTube upload and one for the traditional (if anything that I do is ‘traditional’) audio Podcast. This means that a Content Calendar with a single ‘publish’ date simply won’t work for me.

There are many ways around this, you could duplicate the whole project inside Notion, but that brings it’s own issues (how do you know which is the ‘right’ one and which is the duplicate dummy piece of content that’s on there to provide you with a second ‘published date,’ not to mention you’re duplicating work, because if you want to keep them I’m sync, then you have to remember to copy & paste everything from one to another each time you edit one. 

To get around that, I created a Published Calendar.

Five databases feed into this Notion Database, but there’s only one ‘Publish Date’ and zero content. This database is purely there to show me everything that I’ve published (regardless of where it was created or uploaded) in a single Calendar view inside Notion.

Anyone who creates content in Notion (or anywhere else to be honest) to put out into the world has a content calendar.

It can make you feel like you’re wrong if you CAN’T fit a content calendar inside your Notion space. That’s exactly how I felt. 

I create content all over my Notion space, with databases for specific types of content, which means I can’t see a coherent Calendar View of everything that I’ve published inside Notion.

It also means that if I DID decide to put all my content into one database (which I’m in the process of doing and next week’s video is about this!), I still have too many dates and some pieces of content have more than one ‘release date.’

I created a new database inside Notion called ‘Published’ and I only view it in a calendar view. This is linked everywhere and now it doesn’t matter what dates the individual pieces of content have (or how many), because they link to the Published Calendar and I view them that way. 


00:00:00 Intro music
00:02:03 Hello you gorgeous people
00:06:02 Me looking like Shrek!
00:09:45 Today: Content Calendars Hate Me
00:21:18 Published Calendar (Notion screen share)
00:25:20 Rant incoming about when to have single Notion databases & when to have multiple databases
0:29:36 How I’ve used August Bradley’s Master Tag/Knowledge Vault Database
00:31:00 I was never going to have a YouTube channel
00:33:00 Ev Chapman’s Consumer 2 Creator Lab
00:35:00 I can create content wherever I want, & then it all feeds into the Published Calendar
00:40:00 Published Calendar is not to create content, I can’t stress this enough, it’s to be able to view content no matter where it’s written, as a calendar
00:42:00 Properties in the Published Calendar
00:43:30 It’s a 1:1 relation – each piece of content is only displayed in one entry in the Published Calendar
00:46:00 I use my Weekly Database for Planning, not Reviews
00:48:00 Content Format database
00:52:50 Icons in Notion – have some matchy match action!
00:56:30 Everyone who uses Notion to produce content, has a different take on a Content Calendar
00:58:00 Social Media databases embedded in the Atomic Essays Database
1:00:08 Overview of the Published Calendar
1:14:10 Navigation Synced Block
1:22:35 Dashboards inside a Database
1:25:30 Icon Convention – you probably need one!
1:40:00 A & E is definitely mine!
1:41:00 Wrap-up
1:47:00 Dance Party
1:49:15 Wrap-up 2
1:54:57 Outro music

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