Content Database in Notion

Apologies for the wonky camera – I didn’t notice until I was going through & adding timestamps that I realised how ‘off’ it was!

On this Saturday’s live stream I’m planning on having a #wanderthroughmynotion to explore how I’ve done a total 180 flip from my last video and I now have, dun dun dun, a content database.

Honestly, I have one now! I’m going to show you how I made it, although you might have seen ‘action shots’ through the week on Twitter (specifically how many properties I’m now hiding).

⚠️ Profanity Warning ⚠️ I swear ⚠️ a lot ⚠️

This might not work for everyone, but as I was dead set against it in the last video I thought it would be super cool to go through what changed my mind!

This is a viewer requested video by the lovely Kim Pinelli and the basis of this system can be found in Ev Chapman’s ‘Consumer to Creator Lab’ on Gumroad

Y’all know I’m going to derail and take my full 2-hours to ramble on about things that have nothing to do with the Content Database, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to show you how you can change your mind too.

Be prepared for a 2-hour stream (we’re in a no judgement zone here peeps), we know I like to waffle on!

So make sure to grab a drink (or three) & some snacks and settle in for a couple of hours of me rambling on and getting #nerdyinnotion


00:00:00 Intro music

00:02:03 Hello & welcome

00:09:30 If you need me – grab me!

00:12:13 Content database not calendar – wrap up from last week & explanation on why I have a Published Calendar and the format for the impending podcast!

00:21:45 Ev Chapman’s Consumer to Creator Lab is the reason that I can create a content database

00:31:50 Creating a throw-away page

00:33:40 Too many dates! 100 hidden properties

00:37:30 My Today view (Core & Calendar)

00:40:10 Podcast Project – work in progress

00:42:35 This Content – this is the magic field

00:44:00 Throwaway page – why it’s useful and why it isn’t

00:45:35 Filter the database for itself – this changes everything

00:46:00 Something went wrong with my filter in my YouTube template, oops!

00:46:00 The one thing that changes the whole space – everything works on a single relation

00:48:35 Icon convention people!

00:50:00 How many properties IS too many?! (Closely followed by ‘I really need a StreamDeck’!)

00:58:30 Why I’m not blogging anymore & why you should be honest in your Twitter name

01:05:00 Using a word count for a text property

01:06:45 Hemingway embed inside my Notion template – use with caution (don’t close without saving!)  + Grammarly (aff link) & ProWritingAid on Chrome (aff link)

01:20:50 Atomic essays within the Content Database & embedded views in the ‘Content Dashboard’

01:23:05 In my ‘Calendar’ database view I have to have multiple properties showing for the different content databases incoming

01:24:20 Is Notion ever ‘done’?

01:27:20 How I use my ‘Calendar’ as a to-do list to prompt me to go to a different database to actually ‘do the thing’

01:30:00 How to use a DNU property – view brief overview – I’ll go into this in more detail next week

01:34:50 If it has more than 1 task – it’s a project!

01:36:00 Why I HAVE to have a Published Database to view as a calendar and why my Content Database can’t be viewed as a calendar – I went through this in detail last week

01:41:32 Dance Party

01:43:36 Recap

01:48:37 “Turn this Dancefloor into a Moshpit” (headphone wearers might want to turn this down!)

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