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I thought it would be fun to let my followers know what content I’m working on before it comes out. That way, people can ask questions or request videos about something that they might like to see, which will help me organise my monthly content.

I announced my May 2021 monthly theme on my live stream on Saturday 1 May 2021, and it went down super well with my audience. So I made a public Notion page that everyone can see and see what’s coming up!

Small point – I’ve been a bit rubbish with keeping this up to date with the rebrand, building a new website & client work, but this is something that I plan on focusing on moving forward. 

Explanatory Video Incoming - image placeholder

How I Made This Page

This page, is a normal Notion page, with the ‘Share’ set to public and duplication turned off (that’s important lol).

Starting, as always with a Flaticon image. Gotta love the fact that there’s always something on there that matches what I want!

Keep the title obvious! Abstract titles will leave your readers confused, because they’re not in your head, and what might be funny to you, probably won’t be to at least half a dozen people who read your page!

Staying with the same brand hex code, I’ve added a Google Draw .png file as a divider. Currently, Notion’s native divider (created by typing – – – on a new line) can’t be changed in colour or width. This is a pain in the bum, frankly, but using Google Draw (free, of course) you can create a divider in any colour and width that you want!

Moving on to a Canva image embed, because, again, Notion’s native colours are limited AND you can’t centre your text, so we have to think outside the box! Personally, I use Canva for all my graphics (except my teeny tiny dividing lines), but you can just as easily use whichever application you prefer (just make sure to download it with a transparent background – which I talk about a bit further down!)

Then I have a little introduction to the page and why it’s there, including a little coloured list of what all the colours of the lists mean (YouTube is red, blog posts are purple and newsletters are yellow), just as a little visual indicator to anyone reading it.

Then I have a little cheeky link back to my website.

Then I have a simple checklist, this isn’t a database or anything, although I have considered changing this into a database for ease of use and checking things off inside my space (as I could have it linked inside my space and be able to check things off & upload them without having to maintain this page every day. 

Under this section, I have embedded a Content Theme database in 2 parts.

The first is the current theme, where I’m attempting to link all my live streams & blog posts etc. for easy access. Also inside this section are the previous themes (when there are any to show).

The second are the upcoming content themes that I’m thinking about. 

This is especially handy when people want to ask me something or request a video from me, so that they know what’s coming up and can ask for something specific if that’s what they want. 

This page is almost like a showcase page, where I can detail what I’m planning on creating and so that (if I wanted to – which I don’t) have a bit of accountability. I hate the term accountability because I’m a fucking adult and don’t need to conform to the concept of having an accountability buddy to do shit that I said I was going to do.

If I say I’m going to do something then I generally do it, and if I don’t do it then I have to face the consequences and explain it to anyone who asks (which I’m more than happy to do).

I’m not going to do it when I don’t want to (or sometimes, just can’t) because of pressure from someone else who has no idea what’s going on with me at the current moment! There might be a bloody good reason that I’ve not done something that I said I would, I don’t need someone guilt-tripping me into doing it when it’s not the right thing for me to do or focus on at that moment.

That’s not how this shit works.

Important Things To Note When Creating a Public Page

One caveat that I would add at this point, (and I’m adding it because I’ve made this mistake), don’t use white or black text in a Canva graphic!

I use Notion exclusively in dark mode, so I created the graphic with white text (because it looks awesome inside my space), but when I opened the page in an incognito window, I couldn’t see it.

This is because all public Notion pages, generally render in light mode. Be aware of this and check in an incognito window when creating a public page, just to make sure it looks to other people how it looks to you! 

Because I have a specific hex code that I use (literally everywhere!), it made sense to use that hex code for my text. Pick a colour that you like & make it standard across all your spaces!

Also, you’re going to want to make sure, that if you want the graphic to appear as part of the page, that you download whatever you’re going to embed with a transparent background (otherwise you’ll have a white background on it).

In some spaces this looks fab, but when working with text, it’s best to have a transparent background, then it’ll look good no matter how Notion decides to show the page!

It is possible within Notion, to set the public page you’re viewing to dark mode, by pressing on a Mac (I haven’t used a Windows machine for years – apologies). If this happens, you don’t want your gorgeous text graphic to have a huge white background on it and spoil your aesthetic!

As this is a public page, I haven’t made it full width. Only one of my public pages that is (my Chronicles page), and there’s a very specific reason for this.

I have a bloody huge great monitor that I do 90% of my Notion work on (no, that’s not a flex). Which is awesome and wonderful and great. The problem is, because it’s fucking huge, I can view my space in a way that other people might not be able to.

I can set things up beautifully for me, but for someone viewing my pages on a screen smaller than mine, having it in full width just won’t work for them (as I have a habit of using #allthecolumns!).

If you have a public page in full width you have to make sure that it works in a smaller screen and that it works on mobile and flows how it should. Keep public pages slimline as much as possible!

This post contains affiliate links, if you click on these & make a purchase I will receive a small commission.

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