Morning Routine

The Content Theme for May 2021 is 'Tracking in Notion' and no series on this topic would be complete without the obligatory morning routine video! The video is 2-hours long, but I can assure you that it only takes me about 10-minutes in the morning to update this!

On this Saturday’s live stream I’m planning on having a #wanderthroughmynotion to go through my morning routine as part of my May 2021 Content Theme of ‘Tracking in Notion.’

This seems to be an obligatory thing to make a video on, and of course, because this is my space, it’s a bit big. So I thought I’d stream it instead! Remember, this is just my space, and yours will NOT look like this, and that’s ok! Everything in my space has a relation into my daily journal, so this will constitute the bulk of my morning routine, but I thought it would be fun to see what I’m saving and why!

Even though my Morning Routine is large, it usually only takes me about 10 minutes every morning, but this wouldn’t be one of my streams if it was only 10-minutes! I didn’t think it would take 2-hours – I was wrong! Everyone knows I like to derail and get lost showing things in my space that I didn’t plan for!


0:00:00 Intro music

0:01:58 Hello you gorgeous people

0:06:39 Content Themes (Notion Public Page link)

0:12:50 Obligatory Morning Routine

0:15:20 Recap Dashboard

0:20:58 Morning Dashboard – including formulas for auto-checkboxes for Apple Activity Rings

0:41:50 Derailment & teasing about moving my website from Ghost to Notion & css & style sheets

0:51:30 Back to the Morning Dash!

0:52:50 Entering sleep data into the Morning Dash & why I use text properties and not date properties

1:03:10 Rant about bujo – because I can’t use them!

1:17:30 Back to the Morning Dash (again!), continuing my sleep tracking data

1:20:40 Habit tracking & every database in my Notion space feeds into my Daily Journal – adding to the individual databases through the Morning Routine ‘Daily’ as a related entry

1:29:40 Nail varnish database (because why not!)

1:33:00 Into my Daily Journal

1:47:20 Page colour conventions

1:52:00 Dance Party – turn your music down if you’re wearing headphones

1:54:17 Conclusion!

1:57:30 End music – turn your headphones down (or up no judgement!)

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