Nail Varnish Database

The Content Theme for May 2021 is 'Tracking in Notion' so I thought that it would be fun to have two seriously disconnected databases and explore them. Namely, my nail varnish database (always views in gallery view - linked to my Daily Journal - obviously) and my housework tracking database (always viwed in a filtered way). Who doesn't like a bit of randomness?!

I’m going to go through how I track my nail varnishes (to make sure that I don’t buy too many in the same colour)! As well as how I track the housework that’s done (especially when I’m not at home) to make sure that things are cleaned in the house more than if I didn’t have the list!

These are two very random databases to have in the same video, but hey, it’s my channel and I’ll be random if I want to!

Not only that, but this video illustrates that Notion can be used for a myriad of different things, it doesn’t always have to be hyper-business-productive, sometimes it just needs to do a specific job!

You know me, any excuse to get my nerd on in Notion!


0:00:00 Intro music

0:02:04 Hello you gorgeous people!

0:08:05 Notion API talk! + & Zapier

0:24:00 May’s Theme – Tracking in Notion

0:27:30 Today: Nail Varnish Gallery & Housework Tracking

0:29:10 Nail Varnish Gallery – fleetingly!

0:30:06 Esme’s API Predictions – this could end up being a new segment lol – weekly calendar view rant (just a small one!)

0:53:02 Back to the Nail Varnish Gallery!

0:55:00 Linking Nail Varnish Gallery into my Daily Journal – because, why wouldn’t you?! Including my acrylic nail website (because of course, I have an entire website for my nails!)

1:13:30 Housework Database with a rant about dishwashers! Looking at the 80% rule – 80% of the cleaning done, is better than 0% of the cleaning done!

1:29:00 Girlies photos database – linking to the Family Database & Daily Journal – we use this database for Dementia planning – think ’50 First Dates’ – that’s what this database is for

1:40:20 Dance Party

1:42:40 Wrap up

1:44:31 Outro Music

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