Puppy Tracking in Notion

The theme for May 2021 is 'Tracking in Notion' and what better way to show what it's possible to track in Notion, than by showcasing my family database focusing on the girlies?!

Time for another #wanderthorughmynotion, and this week I’m doing something super exciting! I’m going to be showing you how I track everything to do with the dogs in Notion!

Can you believe that, my two favourite things, the girlies and Notion, together in a live stream!

I managed to stay under 2-hours this week, only just!

I’m blaming the fact that I have a new studio background, it kept me on point and I didn’t waffle! Ok, I waffled, but not as much as I would have done normally!

I’ve added the timestamps below, which should help you get to the bit that you want!


0:00:00 Opening titles

0:02:03 Hello your gorgeous creatures + lots of nattering about the new set-up & why my camera is twitching!

0:22:18 Want to request anything, grab me on Twitter

0:25:19 May’s Theme – tracking in Notion

0:26:20 Puppy Tracking in Notion

0:28:01 Into my Family Database in Notion

0:31:14 Into the Girlie’s Area – this is a page in my Areas Database just for the kids

0:38:00 How I track puppy medication, treats & food flavour inside Notion

0:45:44 Family Photos Database – 95% of the time, viewed in gallery view

0:50:20 Babushka’s dashboard

0:53:30 Adding an entry for Bubba

0:59:02 How to use exclusions in templates – showing my Reflections Database & templates to make sure that I exclude certain fields & that it’s ok to link to the same database multiple times

1:12:00 Why all family things are in the same calendar as the health notes in my Notion space

1:25:25 Quicks Adds Dashboard

1:29:30 Why I’m not going to use Notion for my website

1:46:40 Dance Party

1:52:21 Outro 

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