Video Requests

I thought that it would be super helpful to have a public Notion page, where people can drop requests for videos in for me to make.

You can request any kind of video, whether that’s something you want to see in my space during a live stream, or something that you want to see me build live.

I’m open to any kind of Notion video, so get requesting!!

I mention this page in all of my live streams, and I have it as a pinned Tweet in my Twitter feed, so that anyone who watches any of my videos or visits my Twitter profile is aware that this is an option!

Explanatory Video Incoming - image placeholder

How I Made This Page

This page, is a normal Notion page, with the ‘Share’ set to public and duplication turned off (that’s important lol).

This is super helpful for pages like this, where it’s important for people to be able to request a video from me and also be able to see (further down the page) what other people have requested and suggested.


Obviously, a playful icon from Flaticon is the page icon. I attempted to keep it cheeky but representative of what the page actually did, I think it works quite well!

I titled it something super-obvious! I know that there is a fashion at the moment for being clever in naming conventions, but I find that this isn’t actually helpful, and it’s better to keep it to the point.

Then I have an image, which I made on Google Draw. It’s a simple line, in my brand hex code and it’s a simple line. I use this a lot in my space because the Notion divider (created by typing —) can’t have different colours, so I created my own!

Then I have a Canva graphic so that I can have a custom font as well as a custom colour. Not to mention the fact that you can centre the text, which you can’t do in Notion natively at the moment. It’s a bit of a pain, but this is a great workaround to get a page to look exactly how you want it to with the minimum of fuss!

Doing it this way also means that if you want to change it, you can hop into Canva and fiddle in there without potentially ‘breaking’ your Notion page. Then, when you’ve created a new graphic, switch back into Notion, click the 3 dots on the top right of the image and select replace. 

Then, the wonderful people at Chilipepper have made a super awesome Notion form embed which has the capacity to be able to link directly to a database within your Notion system.

Using a Chilipepper form means that anyone can type in it, they don’t have to be logged into Notion, or even have a Notion account and that’s really powerful!


Under the form, I’ve embedded the database (which I created on this page, so that it’s public), so that any time someone requests a video, it’ll show up on the same page.

This is helpful because then anyone who requests a video can see if someone has already requested something similar and add their +1 to it, or request something totally new.

It’s also helpful because it allows me to be able to post videos that I’ve already made, to stop people from requesting the same thing that I’ve already done. 

Then I head into my pretty links (as part of my domain & website hosting) and create a branded URL, in this case, it’s

Previously, I headed into Rebrandly and created a custom URL for it, following my domain name. I used the free version of Rebrandly and have found it to be mega helpful when I want to share public Notion pages, but keep them ‘on brand,’ Rather than it being the normal Notion URL, which can be slightly unwieldy.

I used to use Rebrandly for all my branded links, as it sends traffic through my website & domain rather than through Notion’s domain. This is done to improve my Domain Score, which can be a tricky beast to increase! Now I have pretty links, I use that instead!

Important Things To Note When Creating a Public Page

One caveat that I would add at this point, (and I’m adding it because I’ve made this mistake), don’t use white or black text in a Canva graphic!

I use Notion exclusively in dark mode, so I created the graphic with white text (because it looks awesome inside my space), but when I opened the page in an incognito window, I couldn’t see it.

This is because all public Notion pages, generally render in light mode. Be aware of this and check in an incognito window when creating a public page, just to make sure it looks to other people how it looks to you! 

Because I have a specific hex code that I use, it made sense to use that hex code for my text. Pick a colour that you like and use that & make it standard across all your spaces!

Also, you’re going to want to make sure, that if you want the graphic to appear as part of the page, that you download whatever you’re going to embed with a transparent background (otherwise you’ll have a white background on it).

In some spaces this looks fab, but when working with text, it’s best to have a transparent background, then it’ll look good no matter how Notion decides to show the page!

It is possible within Notion, to set the public page you’re viewing to dark mode, by pressing on a Mac (I haven’t used a Windows machine for years – apologies). If this happens, you don’t want your gorgeous text graphic to have a huge white background on it and spoil your aesthetic!

As this is a public page, I haven’t made it full width. Only one of my public pages that is (my Chronicles page), and there’s a very specific reason for this.

I have a bloody huge great monitor that I do 90% of my Notion work on (no, that’s not a flex). Which is awesome and wonderful and great. The problem is, because it’s fucking huge, I can view my space in a way that other people might not be able to.

I can set things up beautifully for me, but for someone viewing my pages on a screen smaller than mine, having it in full width just won’t work for them (as I have a habit of using #allthecolumns!).

If you have a public page in full width you have to make sure that it works in a smaller screen and that it works on mobile and flows how it should. Keep public pages slimline as much as possible!

This post contains affiliate links, if you click on these & make a purchase I will receive a small commission.

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