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I have a lot to say about this, I’ve done a few!

Social Media Strategies


There are a lot of social media schedulers out there, and not all of them are created equal.

Some are affiliated with specific platforms, and are endorsed by them, and some aren’t. Some offer amazing analytics, other offer analytics that need a degree to understand.

Some are expensive and some are free. The free ones are enough most time to get you started, but the expensive ones, boy are they expensive!

It’s important to work out what you need and what you want (the two might not necessarily be the same thing). Think about how many platforms you want to post on, how often you want to post, and if you want something like reel auto-posting because not all schedulers have that option yet.

I’ve used most of them, my favorite was SmarterQueue, which is expensive, but I also tried Later, Buffer, posting through ClickUp and Notion + Make through automation. I tried a lot!

Tailwind is expensive, but worth it

Originally, I got Tailwind because of it’s Partner status with Pinterest, but you can also post to Instagram and Facebook through it. I wasn’t sure I was going to use this, but it makes so much sense to have it all in one place!

Tailwind isn’t cheap, but unlike other Pinterest Partners, it has Tailwind Communities, which are worth their weight in gold. Tailwind really is the best option if you’re looking for a Pinterest scheduler.

Metricool is a solid option

I used Metricool for a little over two years.

It posts to a lot of platforms that others don’t (like Twitch and Google Business Profile), and, as you would expect from the title, the metrics are pretty damn good. I was lucky enough to get a legacy pricing plan for the “Pro 5” edition, but the free version is awesome and may be all you need. I needed to manage multiple brands, so I needed something bigger.

The free version allows you to manage 1 brand and 50 posts per month, it’s not massive, but if you’re aiming to stay consistent on a single platform, it might do for you (but it doesn’t work for LinkedIn, just FYI). The next plan up is “Starter” which is $18/month/annual or $22/month for 5 brands and 2,000 posts monthly posts.

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