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Creative slump, and puppies

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Hello gorgeous!

This week my creative juices have fucked off.

Well, I have loads that I want to write about, they’re all jostling for attention, and none of them are making sense. It’s just noise.

This probably happens to all of us. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’re fucking awesome, just sometimes we have too many ideas for our brains to work with, so we shut down completely.

Rather than trying to tease out a single train of thought for long enough to write a coherent email, I thought that I would share some nuggets that I found useful, that you might as well.

First, a thank you

Last week, I emailed a massive rant about advertising as content creators for affiliate links or our own products. I didn’t know how it would land with everyone, but I felt it needed to be said. Two of my wonderful subscribers replied to that edition to thank me for highlighting the problem and covering it in such depth.

I can’t begin to describe how that made me feel.


Random thing I found out this week

LinkedIn carousels are the same size as IG portrait graphics, handy if you want to upload to both platforms without having to re-create the same thing in different sizes.

Just remember, to upload as a LinkedIn carousel, you have to download as a PDF, not an image file. So you’ll need to download it twice (1 x image format + 1 x PDF), but only create it once!

For those who don’t know, IG portrait graphics are 1080 x 1350.

Six Questions

I love a bit of Struthless, and this is a gem about what makes a question good or bad, but he goes so much further, including touching on project pre and post-mortems. He asks you to examine your worst flaws, which can be super hard to do, but this video is definitely worth your time.

Length: 14:06

Trigger warning: addiction (although it’s not mentioned in this video)

Content Repurposing

Ross Simmonds - Repurposing 101

I love Ross’ straight-to-the-point tweet. If you’re not sure how to repurpose your content, he has you covered. He lists 23 different ways to repurpose current and archive content.
If you’re having a brain fart around this, scroll down to see Ev’s tweet about resonance and use the two together to see what you can produce that might land better/differently with your followers.

Being a 30+ Content Creator

Roberto Blake is an OG in the businesses that create content camp.

In this video, he explains the difference between younger content creators and those of us who are over 30 (or 40, in my case), and how we can use our age to our advantage, plus what to potentially avoid.

I found myself nodding along to this one, which is refreshing when talking about content creators.

Length: 12:00

Communication Problems

Ev Chapman on Twitter - "Sometimes I publish ideas and they don't get the resonance I thought they would."

I love Ev’s reframing of this. If the way you explained something didn’t land with your followers how you expected it to, it might not be an idea problem, it could be a word problem. Here’s the OG link to the tweet.

How to make money as a content creator

Jessica’s latest video, Make $10k month as a Creator with this strategy, is all about having multiple income streams. She explains different ones that are available if you’re a content creator. If you’re a business owner as well, make sure to watch this one in conjunction with the two from Trena, linked further down in the email.

Length: 15:29

Creating sales pages that convert

In this tweet, George explains which metrics to pay attention to when you’re looking at sales page conversions. Each section’s conversations (or exits) will tell you something about the copy, imagery or placement that you need to address.

Although this tweet is old, it’s still super valuable in working out what parts of a sales page you need first of all, and secondly helping you work out where it might not be performing the way you want it to.

Two from Trena

Trena, if you don’t know, makes content of how business owners can use YouTube as an evergreen lead-generation machine & sales funnel.
There’s a stark difference between how content creators, and business owners use YouTube, and there isn’t a lot of content geared toward the latter. Trena’s content is a must.

If I started an online course business in 2023, I’d do this

Length: 22:17

Boost your online course sales with this evergreen strategy: here’s how

Length: 39:42

Have some puppies*

Bubba & Celeste on the floor of my office

To make up for my lack of originality this week, here are my office buddies, sleeping on Daddy’s robe (that they dragged from the bedroom) and leftover couch cushions under my desk.
Bubba on the left, Celeste on the right.

* They’re almost 8, but they’ll always be puppies, and no one can tell me any different!

Thanks for reading!

Same time next week?

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