Hi, I’m Esme.

They call me The Notion Rebel, because I help entrepreneurs get organised and get shit done, by breaking Notion & rebuilding it specifically around them.

You are...

Someone who doesn’t fit in the pre-programmed lines of culture & society with their cubicled, soul-destroying, aspiration-crushing, 9-5 monotony.

Why the hell should you conform to a boxed, uninspiring, dull, visionless bunch of lists.

You should be able to create your own system that is, and does, exactly what you want, fuck what anyone else says.

You’re not the problem, love, trust me on this, you’re not meant to fit into a bland grey square hole, you’re not that person.

Let me introduce you to an alternative, where you always know where you put shit, instead of spending hours rummaging around looking for things in a system that wasn’t built for you.

I work with...

Individuals who are pissed with their strict, rigid, suffocating systems and want a fresh take on the ‘productivity’ bollocks being spouted from the rooftops by “the influencers.”

If you wake up and you know exactly WHAT you have to do and WHEN you have to do it, don’t fuck with it, leave it alone and walk away from this site! (Seriously, I mean it!)

However, if you feel like you’re not embracing your inner badass, by doing what you want, when you want & how you want (and still getting shit done), let me show you what’s possible in Notion!

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