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Estimate the Time It’ll Take To Rebrand

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Hello gorgeous!

Quick one this week, promise!

As most of you know, I’ve just gone through a massive rebrand, of not one but two brands. I know that at least one of my readers is going through this as well right now.

Rebrands take time – more than we think!

This is your reminder to estimate how long you think it will take to rebrand, and then double it. Then add a bit more for good measure. Then, go ahead and add a little bit more! You might be close to the time it’ll take now!

Your rebrand will take time

Where your brand is right now (before the rebrand) took you ages to achieve, probably years. Don’t be naïve and think that you can rebrand in 2 days. It’s not gonna happen, love!

Here are a couple of pro tips:

  • Don’t tell everyone on your email list that you’ve rebranded, and then rebrand again! (Yes, this is me!)
  • Don’t announce your rebrand until you’re as sure as you possibly can be, that you’ve finished it and you’re happy with it. (Yup, me again!)
  • Your brand should represent you, your products or services, and present you in a way that’s authentic to you, especially if it’s a personal brand. But it should also be welcoming to your people. They should know that you’re their kind of person. This is a hard balance to get, especially the first time. Therefore, rebranding is almost inevitable.

Brand Evolution: Rebranding Best Practices

I've just gone through another rebrand, and each time I forget things. Here's my list that helps me remember all the places!

I wrote an article about everything I forget every time I do a rebrand, and, as most of you know, I’ve been through a few!  This is a post about all the things I remember and a lot of the ones I forget, so that you don’t miss the same things as me!

Read it here!

I’m hoping that there should be a comment section underneath this post (if I’ve set everything up right!), if there is, let me know the ways you remember everything you need to do when you rebrand. Do you have a list in Notion, ClickUp, Apple Notes, Evernote, or a spreadsheet, what works for you? Or if there’s something you always forget, share that too (if you’re comfortable), and let’s learn together!

Thanks for reading!

Same time next week?

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