Branding & Web Presence

As online entrepreneurs; we are our brands. Can I just say, personally, I think that’s a tiny bit awesome!

We know that we need to have brand recognition across all social media platforms, as well as anywhere else we show up online. But it can be hard to work out what that actually means. Fear not, I have some thoughts about it!

We’re talking socials, schedulers, graphics, websites, copy, posts, handy plugins, the works! Shall we dig in?

Branding & Web Resources

There’s information all over the internet about branding, rebranding, and websites, and while I’m no expert, I am an entrepreneur who struggles/has struggled with the same things that you do/are.

While I’m not a new business owner, this pivot in my business is new, meaning I’m in the trenches with you, discovering new things every day.

Often, resource pages are created by individuals who have been in the game far longer than we have. This means that while their resources are full, they may not have been written with newer business owners or founders in mind.  

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Branding & Web Presence Resources
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Branding covers a multitude of elements, including social media graphics and captions, website copy and images, and even email signatures. Anywhere someone sees something that’s from you or your business, that’s branding.


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