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Hello gorgeous!

When was the last time you asked your people what they wanted?
Did you ask them where they were, or where you are?
Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Make it easy for your people to be involved

This can look like a Tweet (or X, or whatever the hell we’re supposed to be calling it these days), or IG post. Wherever they like to hang out, ask them there.

Don’t ask where you like to hang out, ask where they are.

Ask them to comment on your post, to DM or…

Create a form.

Head to Tally and create a branded form. Link it through to a Google Sheet, or Notion and then make sure you share it everywhere.

Forms are easy to create, easy to customize and brand, and easy to share.

Don’t make them too complex, they should do exactly what you need them to, and no more. 

This is my AMA form, created on Tally and linked to my email, Google Sheets, and ClickUp (through Zapier). It’s short, it’s simple, it has a lot of room (should that be needed), and it includes instructions on how to use it. All are contained in a single link. 

Bloody answer them.

Don’t let your people answer your questions, or ask you their own questions, and then not do anything with that information! That’s just rude!

They’ve taken the time to let you know what they want, answer your questions, given you ideas for content, or whatever it is, you have to acknowledge their input. 

I had this recently when the wonderful and gorgeous Mac answered my plea on Twitter and gave me an idea for an article. The problem is, when I got started writing, I came up with 5 more ideas. So I made sure to let him know that I was working on it, even though his suggestion sparked more than just the one he asked for.

Tell them when it’s done.

Because Mac asked for it, I made sure to go back to the original Tweet and let him know when it was done, including a link to the live version. 

He retweeted that reply, and I continued to talk to him in the new thread.

This is the article Mac asked for.

“I'd love to read about your juggling with everything. Work, freelance, family including doggies. How? Is there a scheme?” Let’s talk time blocking!

Click the image to read how I work across two timezones, 8 hours apart, and manage to be #AllTheThings to #AllThePeople! If that link doesn’t work, head here.

Treat your people like royalty.

Because they are.

Without your social media followers, email subscribers, YouTube subscribers, customers, community members, or Medium followers – it’s just you, shouting into the void.

Your people take time out of their schedule daily to react to your posts, reply to emails, comment on your photos, or fill out your forms. 

They download your freebies, buy your products, and take your courses. 

The least you can do is listen to them.

Thanks for reading!

Same time next week?

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